"As soon as I had him and they handed him to me, I could tell something was wrong," his mother Jennifer Hranicky said.

His mother said his forehead was severely pointed when he was born. At that point, they were told many babies are born with head deformities and usually babies grow into them; but that didn't end up being the case with Parker.

"When he was finally about six months old, he was diagnosed with metopic craniosis synistosis," Jennifer said.

That is a fancy term for a skull that was fused to the front of his head, meaning it would not grow anymore. That could lead to brain abnormalitlies and serious developmental problems down the road.

"He was my baby. I mean deformed head, autistic, it didn't matter to me. He was my kid," his father Edward Hranicky said.

Jennifer and Edward were faced with a big problem -- the surgery would be extremely risky.

"There's a lot of blood loss, and it's a riskier operation than a lot of the other surgeries we do," Dr. Vanessa Dimas said.

Dimas is a cranial facial surgeon at Driscoll Children's Hospital and took on Parker's case. The Hranickys trusted her knowledge and experience enough to go through with the surgery.

Parker made it through the operation, and his parents were shocked when they saw him afterward.

"When we first saw him, I was heartbroken. He looked horrible," Jennifer said. "His head was so swollen. His eyes were still open at the time, but by the next morning they weren't open. He didn't open his eyes for about three days."

They said in that moment they didn't know if surgery had been the right decision -- knowing Parker was in tremendous pain and unable to move; but we don't call these Miracle Stories for nothing.

Now two years old, Parker is thriving. His head is growing normally and he's in therapy for development. He is exceeding expectations. Doctors said he should be able to lead a completely normal life, thanks to the exceptional team at Driscoll Children's Hospital.

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