The family of a Fort Hood soldier missing since Monday say they have no reason to believe he would harm himself or anyone else.

Pvt Dakota Stump, 19, was last seen driving a 2006 black Ford Mustang with red interior. He is in the 1st Cav Apache Troop, 4th Squadron, 9th Cav Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team.

Stump's mother told Channel 6 on Friday that the last time she spoke with her son was Sunday.

She said he told her he wasn't happy with his job in the military and wanted to be given more responsibility to protect the country.

A representative for the family said they are taking the news hard.

"She's having a hard time of course you know the family is hoping for him to be safe, obviously, but every day that goes by and we don't have leads and we don't have help from law enforcement you know her hope is dwindling and she's very upset," said Maggie Haswell.

Fort Hood's 1st Cavalry Division released a statement Thursday regarding Stump's disappearance.

"The first and foremost concern of the 1st Cavalry Division is this soldier's safety and well being. Leadership within his unit continues to work hand in hand with law enforcement and members of his unit are actively reaching out to all known friends and family members in order to locate this soldier," the statement read. "The soldier's unit is certainly making every effort to find him as quickly as possible to ensure his safety. We have no further incite as to whether or not he is in immediate danger."

Stump's brother, Dustin, said his brother had been drinking a lot and that when he drinks he gets angry and can get in fights.