On Monday, Jim Wells Sheriff's Deputies seized Shitzu's they believe are from the same puppy mill raided in Ben Bolt on Friday.

Investigators were tipped off over the weekend and went to a different property Monday morning where they found eight more of the dogs. It wasn't long before a judge granted them a warrant.

The dogs were so frightened, deputies had to use wire cutters to get them out.

"You can tell that they're expressed with relief to be saved," Sgt. Gilbert Saenz saud. "It's hot out here I mean I'm sweating, You're sweating and these dogs there's no telling how long they've been out here."

Investigators believed the Shitzu's were bred and and sold by 56 year old Claudio Domingo Barrera Jr. He faces animal cruelty charges.

"He turned himself in Sunday and he was released the same day on PR bond," Saenz said.

Investigators gathered evidence to tie Barerra to Monday's property. Sheriffs deputies said the puppy mill they raided on Friday was under investigation since 2015 but they took action due to recent complaints.

"We're not going to be tolerating any kind of animal abuse here in Jim Wells County," Saenz said.

Yolanda Marquez helped rescue both groups of dogs and said how Barerra kept the Shitzu's was inhumane.

"How do you sleep at night knowing you have these animals out her this way. I mean you come, you come sleep in this thing day and night," Marquez said.

Another dog was discovered tied up near the Shitzu's cage on Monday and Marquez is trying to find someone to foster him.

"They eye infections, the ear infections the stench from being in their own urine and their own feces day in and day out," Marquez said.

Rescuers said it's going to be a long road ahead to get the dogs into the loving homes they deserve.

"Vetting.," Marquez said. "I mean they need to get checked, their eyes, the matting, they are going to have to be groomed and pray to god they aren't heart worm positive."

The Shitzus are in an undisclosed location along with the dogs that were seized on Friday.

They are not up for adoption yet.

If Barrera decides to appeal the charges, the process may take some time.

The Jim Wells Sheriff's Office said they've received an overwhelming amount of phone calls from all over the country inquiring about the dogs.

They ask for patience and said they will let the public know when the Shitzus are up for adoption.