It is not a history-making turnout just yet, but if Nueces County voters continue to cast their ballots early, it could be.

More than 42,000 registered voters have chosen to vote early so far, but who are they, and what are their respective parties saying?

They are positive and optimistic. The latest numbers from the Nueces County elections administrator show more than 42,000 people in Nueces County have voted early so far.

3News obtained a copy of the most up-to-date list of people who have cast their votes -- more than 1,200 pages in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet showing names, addresses and where they cast their ballots. The printout gives a clear indication that voters from all across the county are casting their ballots early.

The respective parties say it shows interest.

If you have not voted yet, the last day of early voting is Friday, Nov. 4.