We've been following the story of Reality Winner, a Kingsville native who was accused of leaking classified information on Russia's involvement in the presidential election to an online news outlet.

Her mother is speaking out after a federal judge denied the 25-year-old bail this week.

Our Michelle Pedraza reports.

Reality Winner was charged back in June, and has been held in a small restricted jail in Georgia outside of Augusta.

But after Thursday’s decision from a federal judge, Winner's mother tells KIII News that it was a decision her family didn't see coming.

"Well, I'm extremely devastated with the decision. It’s kind hard to deal with," these are the words of Billie Winner-Davis, mother of Reality Winner after learning the courts decision to not allow her any bail pending her trial.

A decision she was not expecting.

The mom added, “She’s not a flight risk, there is not way she could ever travel out of this country at this point."

Court documents read that the evidence against Winner is strong, but the mother disagrees and said that it is not a simple case.

She told 3 News, “There’s a lot more to this case with regard with the actual laws, and classification systems involved and being able to prove up that she actually did what she's being alleged to have done.”

Her family wants her to get a fair trial, but explain that it's been a very delayed process saying that her defense attorneys haven't seen all of the evidence.

Billie explained, “Certain things need to be set up, in order for them to even view evidence and that hasn't happened yet feel it's one sided at this point.”

They also believe she's already being treated differently.

Winners mother said, “I know defense put forth evidence with regard to other people who have been charged with same allegations.

How she's being treated is different from how anyone else has been treated.”

She also added that the evidence in the court being used against her daughter is from personal documents like journals or private family conversations.

Billie said, “Reading the judge’s response I feel like he took that seriously.

We all have to learn from that, ask yourself, anything that you put out there text message is going to come back and haunt you a year later, would we all be safe?"

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