The 75th anniversary of the opening of Naval Air Station-Kingsville is coming up July 4, and the City of Kingsville and base officials are already working on a big celebration.

It was about six months after Pearl Harbor was bombed that the land for NAS-Kingsville was purchased. An auxiliary field was built soon thereafter. Pilots received training in aerial dogfighting, carrier dive bombing and anti-submarine warfare, along with gunnery and artillery practice.

In 1969, the auxiliary was renamed NAS-Kingsville and it currently serves as one of the U.S. Navy's top jet training facilities. That rich history is going to be celebrated on the weekend of June 30, which includes a planned parade and a black tie dinner.

The City is looking to set up a committee for its July 1 base celebration. Residents and organizations are urged to step forward and volunteer to help out or cover the expenses for this special tribute to the base.