Another day of Nueces River Flooding, nearly a foot of water flooding County Road 73 in Robstown.

This all happening because flood gates were opened to let water out of Lake Corpus Christi, but officials say it may get worse before it gets better.

Our Briana Whitney there today talking to residents who just want to be able to get to their homes.

A residential roadway turned river.

Those who live on County Road 73 in Robstown waiting for relief.

Luckily most of the homes in this area are on stilts but city officials tell us the water level has already doubled from Saturday to Sunday and with how deep this water is, residents are looking at having to use a boat to get to their homes, until at least Tuesday.

The water coming from a full Lake Corpus Christi officials opening three flood gates to protect Seale Dam.

Cody Fuller lives down the street coming back into town to 10 inches of water.

He disagrees with how the county is dealing with the water levels, a solution that comes at his expense.

Lines of cars at the top of the hill as residents abandon them one by one, Shalena Foster waiting for a boat or truck ride in, eventually picked up and taken to her home.

For now, officials planning to close the flood gates on Tuesday.

Many thankful this flooding hasn't reached the levels it did in 2015.

But not willing to go with the flow, for much longer.

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