The Nueces County Sheriff's Office, the County Attorney and the County Clerk began investigating claims of voter fraud three weeks ago.

It was during our 6 p.m. broadcast on election night when Corpus Christi resident Kitt Richardson said she was unable to vote.

"They told me that I had already checked in at Central Library this morning at 9:40 and I've been in school all day, and I obviously didn't go vote," Richardson said.

Later that night, we got word of other similar experiences. John Berry and his wife set out early on election day to go vote at Parkway Presbyterian Church, but were in for a surprise when they reached the elections official.

"My wife was told, 'You've already voted.' She said, 'No I haven't,' and the young man was very polite but he said, 'Yes ma'am, you have. You voted out at Memorial, the new high school,'" Berry said. "She said, 'I don't even know where the new high school is, and I promise you I did not vote.'"

Berry was eventually allowed to vote on a provisional ballot.

In the meantime, 3News learned of another bold case of suspected fraud where the County received six requests for absentee mail-in ballots, all from one address at a house in Robstown. Sources close to the investigation said the address was checked out and no lives in the house.

Nueces County officials remain tight lipped about the investigation, but Sheriff Jim Kaelin released the following statement:

"The Sheriff's Office is currently conducting an investigation into numerous reports of voter fraud. We are investigating many reported irregularities."

The sheriff said many of the reports are from people who tried to vote on election day but were denied because someone had already voted using their name. He said he will be requesting assistance from the Texas Rangers and the Attorney General.

In the meantime, Richardson is hoping the investigation will lead to better verification of voters.