Notices went out last week and chances are by now property owners in Nueces County have received their property tax bill.

Those affected by Hurricane Harvey will still have to pay by the Jan. 31 deadline.

Opening up your Nueces County property tax bill is something most homeowners are accustomed to doing in October, but for those living in areas affected by the hurricane, this year's tax bill is going to sting more than usual.

"The properties are valuated based off their condition on Jan. 1 of each year," Nueces County Tax Collecter Kevin Keishnick said.

That means that as of Jan. 1, 2017, everyone's property, as far State rules are concerned, were still in good shape.

Some are wondering why they should pay taxes on properties that are destroyed or no longer exist -- a problem faced by some homeowners in Port Aransas. Unfortuantely, tax officers said "it is what it is," and taxes still have to be paid.

However, there are options available.

"If they can't pay their taxes -- they need time because we were declared in a distaster zone by the governor -- there is a provision in the tax code that they can pay in four even installments, and they need to come in and sign a request to do so," Keishnick said.

Keishnick said property owners should keep in mind to take notes and pictures. Document everything you want the appraisal district to take into consideration when filing an appeal on your property values. Those pictures could end up saving you a lot of money and headaches.