Monday was the first day that Nueces County Courthouse put their new online jury reporting process to use.

The idea is to eliminate the need for hundreds of people to show up at the courthouse on Monday mornings for the mere possibility that they might be selected for a jury trial. Now they can find out if they are needed while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Judge Sandra Watts said the new streamlined jury reporting process put into place for the first time Monday morning allows potential jurors to fill out a juror questionnaire online. They are assigned a court, time and date to appear.

This process eliminates the usual cattle calls of 600 or more.

"They bypass having to come into the central jury room altogether, and only have to come in if that court has a case," Watts said.

Another upside is, if a case is settled before court, a mass text goes out to let jurors know they have been called off.

Watts said she and 59 jurors were pleased with Monday morning's efficient run of the new system.

The actual jury summons still comes by mail, but you can answer it by going online. Just click here.