The City of Corpus Christi is working to balance Code Enforcement with helping residents dealing with damage from Hurricane Harvey.

However, while talking to Code Enforcement officers Wednesday 3News discovered what one off-duty Corpus Christi Police Department officer is doing to help a citizen in need.

"The response was just incredible," CCPD Sr. Officer Kirk Stowers said.

Stowers was referring to a Facebook post he wrote Tuesday night. In it he described a problem being faced by a resident and asked for help from the community.

The officer patrols a neighborhood off Alameda near Driscoll Children's Hospital. He said he met the owner of a collapsed garage while on patrol and heard her plight.

"I came across a lady that seemed overwhelmed," Stowers said. "She expressed some exhaustion and so I really wanted to help her out."

Stowers said the resident is a 65-year-old Robstown teacher who moved to Corpus Christi just before Hurricane Harvey made landfall. During the storm, her garage collapsed on two fences -- her neighbor's chainlink fence, which keeps a small dog from wandering off, and the wooden fence behind the garage.

The resident told Stowers that her neighbors would like to see the problem fixed.

"They'd like to have the the animal just be able to run around in the backyard not tethered," she said.

The garage is a code violation, especially when it impacts a neighbor's property.

CCPD Commander David Blackmon, who heads up Code Enforcement, said they know that most people are doing their best almost two months after the storm.

"Fences that are blocking roadways. Sidewalks that are hazards, along with any other debris that may be a hazard to the public," Blackmon said. "Those things should have already been removed. Things like high grass, Code Enforcement is giving some leeway on that because with hurricanes comes rain."

Blackmon said if you are a senior citizen or disabled, contact Code Enforcement so they can connect you to several groups willing to help.

The good news? Stowers believes enough volunteers may have already answered the call.

"It looks like we do have the resources necessary for a project," Stowers said.

He hopes to get his volunteers together this weekend to remove the remains of the garage for the elderly resident. If you would like to help, you can contact Stowers through his City email address --