A Mathis police officer is being hailed a hero for his courageous actions. The officer who lives in Annaville was on his way to work Sunday morning when he came across a major accident along I-37 and Callicoatte Road.

Officer Matthew Salazar's training kicked in. When he arrived to the scene, he discovered two vehicles both heavily damaged in a major crash. He was approached by a witness who had stopped and told the man in the wrecked car was not breathing. Salazar ran to the mangled car and found a man in his 50's inside.

Salazar told 3 News, "I checked for vital signs, checking his neck, checking his wrist, looking for breath. I didn't feel his chest move and I didn't hear any heart beat."

At 23 years old, the Mathis police officer who has only been on the job for 8 months used his training from the academy and started CPR. When CCPD officers arrived, Salazar and another officer took turns giving CPR until EMS got to the scene.

Salazar said, "I didn't know the condition of the man as far as when he left. It was still under my knowledge that the man had passed."

It was something that bothered Salazar through the rest of his work day.

He said, "I just kept praying for the gentleman. I didn't know what happened. I just asked God, just put your angels around him and his family."

It would be a prayer answered when Salazar got a call from one of the lieutenants from CCPD.

Salazar told 3 News, "he thanked me for everything I did. He said you did a really good job out there. He said I want to be the first person to tell you the person survived."

His actions proved to be life saving. Humbled, Salazar said it's one of the reasons why he decided to become an officer.

Salazar said, "it's specifically for days like this when somebody needs me the most in their life."