A lot of Coastal Bend residents received Facebook notification Friday for a one-year memory of the 2016 water crisis which left residents unable to use, drink, wash or do anything with the water in Corpus Christi.

The City of Corpus Christi put out a release Friday afternoon to reassure residents that the water is safe.

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The city has had no water boils or advisories since the 2016 crisis. City officials tell 3News they have measures implemented to prevent a disaster from happening again in the Coastal Bend.

Mothers remembered the water crisis and said they want more action to be taken to make sure the water is safe. The moms all put the 2016 crisis into one word: inconvenient.

The crisis was nearly four days of chaos in Corpus Christi.

"Couldn't drink it," mom said. "had to shower with bottled water."

The chemical indulin which had backflowed into the system was found in the city's water supply.

"It made cooking harder," mom said.

Officials with the TECQ identified the chemical as an emulsifier in asphalt which is used by area refinery's to keep other substances mixed together.

"It was hard because you wanted to buy bottled water, and everywhere was out of water, or they were making it more expensive,"

Since the 2016 water crisis, the city has implemented new rules and regulations for backflow preventers including inspections.

"City is doing inspections, particularly on the industrial users. To go out and do inspections where the city line hooks up with their water supply, to see that they do have a backflow preventer or air gap system set up, so there's a break in the flow of water where city water comes to them," Mayor Joe McComb said. "Industry doesn't want it to happen again either because it gives them a black eye, so they're doing everything they can to work with us to make sure it doesn't happen again in this particular case and scenario."

"The community needs to feel confident that we've done everything humanly possible that it doesn't happen, and where continuing to do it 24/7 at the water treatment facility," McComb said.

The Corpus Christi water department said that right now the city's water quality is good, and they are also working on new projects in the new year, including new elevated storage tanks.

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