Restaurant owners in Beeville say the water boil crisis in that city has cost them customers and money. The ordeal is now into its 14th day.

The manager at Taqueria Chapala said while the water boil has been an inconvenience for customers to have to drink bottled water or canned sodas, it's been a real headache and has cost him business.

"This has affected us a lot because a lot of customers ask for iced tea or lemonade or the drinks we normally serve, but we don't have it," Manager Antonio Baladez said. "We can see it. Less people are coming and some people come over here and they get upset. Some left."

Customers do wish things would get back to normal.

"The businesses are getting hurt and the customers are really getting upset because they have to buy the water now," customer Joseph Cano said.

St. Mary's Charter School begin classes Monday and all the students were given bottles of water and told not to wash their hands in the bathrooms. The water fountains outside of their classrooms were covered to make sure they did not drink any of the city water.

"The City has made arrangements for water," St. Mary's Superintendent Merie Stan Simonson said. "We always keep a pallet of water here for athletics events so they're making water available for us to go pick up."

While the school kids were getting back to the daily grind of class work, many folks around town want it spelled out about when the water boil will end.

"What I'm hearing is that every sampling we're doing this morning, everything is well, so I hope it's cleared up pretty soon," Beeville City Manager Bill DiLibero said.

That could mean by Tuesday the all clear sign could be given, but no one is holding their breath because this was not supposed to go on for 14 days.