School supplies and fresh new clothes are not the only things students need when they start the school year. Immunizations are a requirement in the state of Texas.

The South Texas Family Planning and Health Corporation will be giving out immunizations at Operation Safe Return this weekend. Organizers said they want the public to know what they need to bring with them and what parents can expect when they show up to Saturday's event.

"They can just come on by to our booth and our eligibility staff will take care of them if they have their immunization records," said Martha Zuniga of South Texas Family Planning. "We would love to have the immunization record. However, if you don't, come by our booth anyway. We would love to help you. We're going to find a way to help you."

Organizers said if you do not have money or you are uninsured, they can still help you. Just look for the black family planning shirts with a ribbon or stop by their booth.

Operation Safe Return runs from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at the American Bank Center's Exhibition Hall.