The parents of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner spoke to our ABC affiliate, WSBTV, in Atlanta Tuesday. Reality Winner was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to an online news organization.

The document details a 2016 Russian cyber attack on a US Voting Software supply company.

Winner's mother and step father say they are concerned for her safety. Winner's mother, Billie Winner-Davis says her concerns include, "Her safety, and whether she's going to be OK and whether she's going to be treated fairly."

“This is all really shocking and overwhelming," stepfather Gary Davis says. “What's happened is a whole lot more than what we expected."

Winner-Davis went on to say about her daughter's situation, "There's so many ugly things out there. She doesn't deserve that. I just want her to be treated fairly."

Winner's parents vow to stay in Georgia as Winner battles her legal issues. Reality Winner is due in federal court Thursday.

The parents vowed to stay right in Georgia to see Winner through all of her legal trouble. She's due in federal court Thursday afternoon.