Hundreds of people from Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas were in Rockport Wednesday morning in hopes of receiving some financial relief courtesy the a non-profit called the Pearl Mae Foundation.

Officials from the Florida based non-profit believe around 700 people showed up to the MCCI Health Clinic on Highway 35 Wednesday to fill out an application for a chance to receive a $250 American Express card.

"Right now what our town needs is that extra money to pay the water bill, the electric bill, pay the car payment, the cell bill, everything you need to live," Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick said.

Lynette Moore and her family left with one of those valuable gift cards Thursday.

"I'm amazed with all the people who are just coming to help us, and it's just breathtaking literally to just have people help the way they do," Moore said.

The Pearl Mae Foundation was set up in June of this year and its mission had nothing to do with hurricane relief, as Executive Director Lauren Sullivan said.

"We give away incremental grants to low-income seniors and we also give scholarships to students who want to go into healthcare," Sullivan said.

Rockport resident Margaret Allor showed up with a number of friends who really needed the money.

"A lot of people like us are struggling," Allor said. "We don't have the income we need or have the insurances that we need. So any help we can get from any organization, and I do say I think it's Pearl Mae out here, and I thank them for coming here and helping us."

The same goes for little Praiven Moore, who is tired of her family living out of one room with a generator for power.

"I hope Rockport gets repaired immediately because we need everything fixed in a hurry," Praiven said.

The Pearl Mae Foundation said they will hold onto the applications of folks who did not receive a gift card in the hopes of getting them money in the near future. Officials did not expect so many people to show up for help.

Pearl Mae is hoping those who want to help them in their hurricane relief efforts will donate on the organization's GoFundMe page.

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