Police were dispatched to the 1400 block of Devon after a gunshot was reported in the area.

Witnesses said that a white male in a blue shirt was shooting at the victim's house and he left in a Chevy pickup.

Officers arrived and made contact with the two victims who were both visibly shaken.

The female victim advised she was standing in her yard when a man, 28-year-old Shane Reese Tilley, got out of a maroon pickup and appeared to be intoxicated.

She said that he accused her of stealing and asked for her son. Tilley made threats towards her and left the area.

About ten minutes later she was on the porch with another person when they saw a greenish vehicle slowly drive by and park around the corner.

Tilley got out of the vehicle and he was carrying a shotgun.

She yelled he's got a gun and both ran inside fearing for their lives.

Tilley began shouting "stay right there, y'all don't move". One shot was heard and she called the police and hid for fear of the suspect shooting them.

Officers received information about the vehicles and went to Maryland Street.

Officers went to the 1400 block Maryland Sreet and found Tilley's vehicle in the front yard. Police contacted and detained two subjects, one of them an intoxicated Tilley.

A witness was brought to the scene and identified him.

Upon their investigation, they found a shotgun at Tilley's house and one spent 12-gauge shell at the victim's house.

Officers arrested Tilley.

Thankfully, none of the victims were injured.