The Corpus Christi Police Department held their All-Hazard Training at Emergency Operations Center.

This annual meeting used to be known as hurricane training but now it covers all critical incidents.

During the training, around 30 officers ranging from Lieutenant and Captain, took the time to refresh their knowledge on large-scale emergency operations, the hurricane plan and personnel assignments.

They also went over policy changes and new direction from State and National Government.

One officer said that knowing your role during any hazardous situation is very important.

In the event of an emergency situation, centralized emergency management is needed. The Police Department will meet up at the EOC Building with agencies like the Fire Department and even outside agencies like TxDOT and AEP.

This facilitates a coordinated response by the City Manager, Office of Emergency Management staff and representatives from City and non-City organizations who are assigned specific emergency management responsibilities.

The EOC is managed by the Corpus Christi Fire Department so this training helps officers stay familiar with the building.

Daily operations are conducted at the EOC from departments and agencies that are widely dispersed throughout the City.