Thursday's fiery tanker crash on the Harbor Bridge could be seen from across the city, and some eyewitnesses said they were impressed by just how quickly fire and police personnel arrived at the scene and got it under control.

Corpus Christi Fire Department Chief Robert Rocha said once they learned the tanker was hauling crude oil, it was just a matter of controlling the blaze.

"We had a couple of things going for us. We got fire crews on scene right away. Law enforcement was on scene right away," Rocha said. "One of the things that really helped us out was we had a great water supply."

That wasn't just the opinion of the fire chief, but several witensses 3News spoke with.

"I mean literally minutes right after, right after the boom, we saw fire trucks on the scene right away," witness Isaias Arellano said. "So that was actually good to see, that their response time was real quickly."

Police said having a squad of SWAT officers training nearby also gave them an advantage.

"We were able to handle the mission that we had with officers that we had on hand, but having the SWAT officers available allowed us to free up a lot of the resources so we could go back to answering calls for service in a timely manner," said Assistant Chief Mark Gutierrez of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "So yeah, we were very fortunate."

While officials say the first response couldn't have gone better, they certainly hope there's no need to practice such a scenario anytime in the near future.