A Portland man is behind bars after police said he murdered his father and then set their house on fire. It happened overnight Tuesday in the 2200 block of Aspen in Portland, Texas.

According to police, 23-year-old Andrew Mushel had got into a violent argument with his father, Christopher S. Mushel. That argument ended with the killing of Christopher, and soon after, a fire broke out at the home.

According to police, Andrew Mushel was arrested after climing on the roof of the house to escape them. Investigators believe he set the house on fire just before 3:30 a.m. Tuesday after threatening his 63-year-old father with a knife.

"From what we understand, there had been some issues, family issues, in the recent past and it could stem from that," Portland Police Chief Mark Cory said. "We're still in the early stages of the investigation so we still have a long ways to go."

Andrew Mushel's mother was also inside the home at the time and ran to a neighbor's house for help. Cory said his department had handled Andrew several times before.

"Can't say how many times we've been to that particular house, but I can tell you that we have dealt with the suspect here in the recent past on a couple of occasions," Cory said.

The Texas Rangers and San Patricio County deputies are also helping to collect evidence in this case.

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