Police are on the scene of a reported officer involved shooting. Early reports indicate multiple shots were fired just after 8:30 a.m. by a man armed with a gun. The shooting happened at a hotel on Shoreline near the Lawrence Street T-Head. We are told the suspect has been shot. Our photographer reports there are two crime scenes, one at the Best Western hotel and another at the Super 8. We are currently waiting for a statement from CCPD.

One witness, Debbie Zambrano told 3 News, "we were driving by I noticed a guy walking, stumbling on the sidewalk. We were on our way to Spohn Shoreline, and I noticed he was carrying something black. As I got closer, I noticed it was a gun. So as we were passing him up, he picks up the gun and points it at our car." Zambrano tells us she was able to get out of harms way. She said, "I was scared. Just call the cops as soon as we could. My mom actually called the cops as soon as that happened."

Zambrano told 3 News, it was "the last thing you expect to see."

Update: Police tell 3 News the suspect involved in this morning's officer involved shooting has died.

Stay with us as we continue to follow this breaking story.