Early voting continues through Friday, and officials are again reminding voters to check their ballots before casting them. 3News heard from a local woman who voted in the wrong precinct because the poll worker made a mistake, and now she has been told it's too late to do anything about it.

Stephanie Dovalina had just gotten off work and thought she would go vote on her way home at the polling place on the Del Mar College campus.

"So I then proceeded to go to the little station for the computer printout that gives you your access code, so the guy hands it to me and says 'This is your access code.' I said okay," Dovalina said.

Once inside she began the process of making her selections, but then a second after she pressed the vote button, it hit her.

"I noticed that the ballot was short some races here. I'm like, okay well there's no mayor here. There's no city council. There's no referendum. This doesn't seem right," Dovalina said.

Hoping to get the mistake resolved, she spoke with the election person who had helped her in the first place.

"He looked at my ticket and then he said, 'Oh I know what the problem is. I punched in the wrong precinct.' So he had me in a precinct that was outside of the city limits, therefore I could not vote for city elections," Dovalina said.

The County's Election Administrator said it is just one more reason why voters have to review the ballot before they begin voting.

Dovalina echoes that sentiment.

"My ballot, as I see it, is not complete. Unfortunately there's a lot of races I didn't get to vote in. There's nothing they can do about it, unfortunately."

Early voting ends at 7 p.m. Friday.