On Saturday, Tony Tagliaferro returned to check on his families North Padre Island restaurant and all signs showed Island Italian was untouched from Hurricane Harvey's grasp.

"We were real hopeful," Tagliaferro said. "It was like hey we've escaped it, we've escaped it. But when we opened the door. 30 years of everything just flashed before our eyes."

The blood, sweat and tears put into a North Padre Island staple is now in ruins.

"There's holes everywhere in the roof, theres sheet rock sticking out from the chairs, there was an inch of water in here still," Tagliaferro said.

He never imagined his restaurant would get hit this hard.

"It's more than just a restaurant," Tagliaferro said. "It's a place where people met. It's a place where people come and enjoy music and have birthdays, celebrations, my brother proposed to his wife here."

His biggest concern was helping his 20 plus employees.

"What do they do,"Tagliaferro said. "You know i want to take care of the community, I want to take of ourselves I want to take care of our employees, but but we have our hands tied now. I dont know what to do."

Tagliaferro said all he can do is wait for an insurance assessment of the damage. But he is determined to open his doors and kitchen to the community he loves.

"I helped build it with my dad and we are going to build it together again and go on," Tagliaferro said. "We want our customers to laugh at things and joke so we hung that up and like I said we are thinking of putting a plack in there that says unitl August 25 2017, Harvey."