One popular restaurant in Port Aransas welcomed back customers on Thursday but was forced to close it's doors again after a fire.

Fin's Grill and Ice House general manager Chris Collins said it's been an emotional journey since Hurricane Harvey.

"We did have some damage but the flood water didn't get in here like it did some of the other places," Collins said.

Collins wanted to make sure some of his employees, who weren't able to come back to a home, could at least come back to a job.

"They were servers, some were bar, some were back of house," manager Laura Reynolds said. "We were all working together to be like contracting to clean. To get everything out. All of the trash all of the destroyed stuff."

And finally the doors were open.

"The first day literally there were hugs and tears and prayers," Collins said.

"A lot of smiling faces and you know just people really happy," Reynolds said.

"The transformer blew up, there was a fire," collins said

Luckily the fire didn't spread to the restaurant but it took a couple of days to get power back on.

It was a minor set back until doors opened again on Sunday.

"They're all just giving really positive words and being really kind and its very heartwarming," Reynolds said.

Collins said he hopes Fin's can be an escape from the reality that remains just feet away.

"I think coming into a restaurant that's been cleaned up and is fully operating," Collins said. "You know people feel refreshed when they can come in and sit down and have that sense of normalcy."