We learned about the Weeks family last week. They lost everything during Hurricane Harvey, including their trailer, that they called home for nearly a month.

When the Weeks family evacuated to downtown Corpus Christi, they left knowing their home may not be standing after the storm.

During this time, mother Danielle Weeks, was nine months pregnant with a C-Section scheduled for three days after Harvey's predicted landfall.

"I tried to stay calm, I didn't wanna put myself into labor," Danielle said weeks ago.

Danielle, her husband, William, and two daughters welcomed Loralynn Weeks just days after losing their home, but their newborn, outshined the turmoil they were facing.

Two weeks later, Danielle was given a baby shower, by a complete stranger, Nancy Garcia. Garcia says she was in Danielle's shoes; in 2002 a tornado destroyed her home and ten days later, she went into premature labor. Nancy wanted to give Danielle the same generosity she was given, and several people showed up to celebrate Loralynn.

Three weeks after losing all their belongings, the Weeks finally have a place to rest their heads and settle into.

That home, given to them by complete strangers from Colorado; the Nelson Family who own Nelson Builders. Candice and Steve Nelson drove over 1000 miles from Durango, Colorado with a modern, two story, tiny home hitched to their truck; they also brought their daughter along.

"We wanted to bless them with this and we feel blessed," said Steve Nelson.

"There are no words," Danielle, grinning from ear to ear.

The act of genorosity left William and Danielle speechless. Now, William will be able to return to work, while Danielle settles into a permanent home, raising her three beautiful daughters.