Three Port Aransas officers are being credited with saving a woman's life after she was swept away by rough coastal waters early Monday morning. The daring rescue took place right around 4 a.m. near Horace Caldwell Pier. A fisherman on the pier heard the woman's screams for help and notified police, but there was a problem. It was still pitch black outside, and attempting to find her would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Officers Alan Graham, Brett Boyer, and Gina Oestreich arrived to the beach and searched for several minutes using their spotlights on their vehicles. Officer Boyer spotted something in the water about 300 feet from shore. It was the woman. "Approximately 20 minutes into the search, I noticed a head bobbing in the water. We ran to that location. I saw the head again and ran into the water with our equipment, " said Officer Brett Boyer.

Police dash cam video shows Oestreich and Boyer heading into the water using the department's floatation devices and rope. They were able to reach the woman and bring her back to the safety of the beach. Officer Graham was on the other end of the rope and helped pull them back to shore.

The local woman, reported to be in her 40's, was exhausted and out of breath, but is okay. Officers learned the woman was out for a stroll in knee deep water when she fell and was swept away by the strong waves.

The officers say they are thankful to have that life saving equipment with them. The bags of rope and flotation devices were recently donated by the Port Aransas Police Foundation.

The officers worked against time, and the darkness as they braved the high tides in order to prevent what could have been a tragic event.