Port Aransas residents share frustration at town hall meeting
Author: Briana Whitney
Published: 11:29 PM CDT September 29, 2017
Updated: 11:29 PM CDT September 29, 2017
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Tensions ran high while Port Aransas residents attended a town hall Friday, Kiii Reporter Briana Whitney shares the story.

Congressman Blake Farenthold along with FEMA and other agencies informed residents on what to do when denied assistance and aid for damages done by Hurricane Harvey.

Richard Titus, a Port Aransas resident, said, "They've got 50 different excuses they keep throwing each one is different".

It's because of feelings like this that Congressman Farenthold decided to hold the meeting, even the mayor of Port A asked the Red Cross why the money is going elsewhere.

Mayor Charles Bujan asked, "Out of all of Nueces County, you folks have distributed almost $5-million, Port Aransas received $166,000, could you explain that please?"

The Red Cross said that was due to limited internet access with so many people applying and bogging down the computer system.

They also said that issue has been fixed and will continue to get help to residents.

Still, many residents are without homes and the Texas General Land office announced a new plan to roll out direct leases, multi-family apartments, FEMA trailers and direct repairs.

Melani Zurawski said her landlord abandoned her and other tenants and that's held up any FEMA assistance, she applied for an inspection on September 3rd and is still waiting.

Zurawski said, "We can't keep going through the red tape, we're exhausted."

Port Aransas residents stay hopeful as they talk to these agencies to get the help they need.