Ana Munoz-Duda is used to taking charge which has led to a successful 33 year career with Pepsi and a beautiful family with three daughters.

"I'm blessed. I'm truly blessed." Says Munoz-Duda.

Her strong will was challenged though in March of 2009 when an annual mammogram revealed she had breast cancer.

"Oh my gosh. Oh God. I just. It's you know. I still think of the day of what I was wearing that day. The phone call and I swear I threw that shirt away. I didn't ever want to see it again."

Munoz-Duda was 48 years old at the time. Doctors told her the cancer was only in her right breast and had little chance of spreading.

Munoz-Duda says that "there was a less than 2% chance of anything ever happening. Well, my brain focuses on the 2%."

Doctors only wanted to remove one breast but Munoz-Duda, whose grandmother died from breast cancer insisted on a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. When her lab work came back, she was told there was no need for chemo-therapy or radiation treatments.

Munoz-Duda says from detection to treatment, this was the scariest 3 months of her life. But she was not finished with the threat of cancer. 3 years into remission she was faced with another fright forcing her to have a complete hysterectomy removing both ovaries.

Munoz-Duda is a believer in self-exams and yearly physicals. She insists her daughters follow the advice that has kept her alive and for the most part in control of her destiny.

"I've always been so impatient. My way or the highway. And, although my family probably thinks I'm still that way. I'm a little bit more understanding that some things I cannot control."

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