Nancy and Delia are two peas in a pod, both advocate for Breast Cancer awareness. Nancy, now in remission, credits her recovery to a supportive family and friends like Delia.

But this past January, Delia received some life changing news of her own after a nurse came back with test results.

"The nurse said okay, Delia we got your results it's malignant and I was like what does that mean? Good or bad? She's all Delia you have breast cancer."

The news came just two weeks after her friend Nancy was diagnosed. Nurses told Delia she had triple negative breast cancer already at stage 2 from carrying the BRCA 1 gene.

"So basically it's genetic so i was actually born with this."

After several rounds of Chemotherapy and a double Mastectomy, Delia is currently undergoing radiation treatment. But says she continues to have a positive outlook on life.

"So many good things have happened. So when I think of all the bad that has happened during my breast cancer journey versus the good stuff, it's completely overweighed everything."

Delia continues to share that message with the world. "God only gives the strong things like this, so embrace it, fight for it, and never give up."

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