"Everything that I felt made me feminine was gone."

Francis Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She had her left breast removed and then shortly after had her right removed as a precautionary surgery.

However, her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and she received chemotherapy until May of 2011. She thought her battle was over until she visited her sister at MD Anderson's Mays Clinic, a breast cancer center.

Her sister was also getting a mastectomy and it was her doctor at MD Anderson that said something didn't look right in Wilson's first mastectomies.

"I had an ultra sound done and they said you still have breast tissue and we need to do your mastectomies over again and then re-do your reconstruction."

Wilson says not only were her first mastectomies extremely physically and emotionally tough, but she says it doesn't get easier having to get them done again.

"After I had my first breast removed, it was devastating."

She says she rushed into her first mastectomy because she just wanted to move on with her life, but has since come to the realization that she "should've taken some time and kind of shopped around."

Wilson urges women to get a second opinion before getting mastectomies done.

"They could be walking around with breast tissue which gives you a higher risk of having your breast cancer return. Going through the experience made me realize to let go of a lot of things that didn't really matter, and that life is really, really short."

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