Due to having a family history of breast cancer, Rosie Duran made sure to stay on top of her health. In March of 2015 doctors discovered an abnormality in her left breast during her routine 6 month check up.

"A tiny little spot the size of a grain of salt. That's how small my spot was." according to Duran. Two months later, that spot had grown the size of a large marble.

Amazed at the initial fine detail a 3D Mammogram could reveal about her body, a biopsy revealed it was a very aggressive cancer. Doctors decided a Lumpectomy would be the best first step in her journey, followed by four rounds of Chemo in June and 30 rounds of radiation. Duran finished her battle with cancer at the end of October 2015.

"It's not a death sentence. You don't have to stop living, you can continue with you life." says Duran.

While going through her fight she shared her most vulnerable moments on her Facebook page, hoping to enlighten and encourage friends and even strangers through social media about this disease.

"Nobody understands what you're going through when you're going through Chemo and you don't want people to understand it because if they understand then that means they've gone through it. You don't want people to go through it, I didn't want anybody else to go through it."

Duran encourages her followers to get their Mammograms regularly, especially if cancer runs in the family. A year later she remains cancer free.

Duran accredits her faith, family and her little dog Louis to being her motivation for fighting through and not letting her illness get the best of her.

"And I didn't. I continued on with life and now here I am."

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