During a self-breast exam, KIII Sales Representative Tammy Cavazos discovered a lump in her breast that she says just didn't feel right.

"It felt king of hard, it wasn't moving which was very abnormal so I thought well I better go see the doctor."

Cavazos' doctor suggested that she visit a radiologist for a mammogram.

"What was odd about that is that I had just had a mammogram done about 8 months prior to that."

So with complete confidence that she was healthy, Cavazos waited for the results unprepared for the news she was about to receive.

"He says I'm 99% sure you have cancer."

At 44 years old she never imagined she would be faced with such a health scare. Her family would soon become her biggest support as she began her fight against the deadliest level of cancer, stage 4.

"God has made these things happen and there's reasons. Sometimes we get busy with our lives."

Cavazos endured months of chemotherapy and radiology as well as undergoing a bi-lateral mastectomy and a partial removal of lymph nodes, but she did it. She beat cancer.

"I thought my battle was finished at that point I thought God's blessed me. I'm cancer free."

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