For the first time, the Center for Disease Control is allowing pregnant women to get the flu shot. It's just one of the new developments for the shot, this season.

"It doesn't hurt as bad as you think it will," said Ellie, who received several immunizations on Monday.

Ellie's school is requiring her to do it since she moved to San Antonio from Colorado.

Metro Health nurse Christina Meyer says that, since September, the agency has given hundreds of flu shots, but this season they're only being injected.

"The CDC has come out with new guidelines. They are not recommending flu mist. It’s just a simple spray in the nose,” Meyer said. “They discovered it's not as effective as they were hoping.”

Ellie's mom, Melanie Thomas, said that the shot is worth it.

"To make sure my kids are okay, that is important to me. All three of them got that shot today," Thomas said.

Another guideline change: If you are allergic to eggs and only get a small reaction, then you can now get the shot. But if your reaction is severe, you cannot.

The Metro Health District Immunizations Clinic is open to anyone and the shot costs $30.