The two people accused of shooting a 13-year-old Corpus Christi boy as he answered a knock on the door were back in court Wednesday, but only one of them went before the judge.

Wearing her orange jail garb and flanked by her two attorneys, Christina Trevino appeared before 148th District Court Judge Guy Williams. During the brief pretrial hearing, her attorneys requested the judge compel the district attorney to release information and evidence they have been requesting.

"Surely there's notes about that somewhere, and surely somebody made a report about that," Williams said.

Outside the courtroom, Prosecutor Joe Mike Pena responded to the defense request.

"If there's any information that they may need or that they heard exists, we're trying to find out, see if it does exist or lay it to rest, whether it does or doesn't exist," Pena said.

"There's jail phone calls, text messages, voice mails," Trevino's defense team said. "There was immunity that was granted to a couple of witnesses. We'd like to know the scope of the immunity involved."

Trevino is accused of driving the get away car the night 13-year-old Alex Torres was shot and killed at the Treyway Apartments in January of 2015. Her defense team said they have new evidence in the case that could exonerate their client.

In the meantime, each hearing, each delay, means more wait time for the family of the victim.

"It's just terrible because you know, because this family has waited for how long now to see this come to court?" Crime Victims' Advocate Donna Watkins said. "And they get their hopes up."

Davila's pretrial hearing was rescheduled because his attorney was not available. The capital murder trail for him and Trevino is set for August.