Whenever it freezes, people hear "the four P's": pets, people, plants, and pipes.

Wrapping exposed pipes is the most significant advice during freezing weather. Angel Solis, a manager at one home improvement store, took 3News to the plumbing section to show us what kind of outdoor piping is common.

"This would be the majority of the pipes that everybody has outside their house for their spigots. So we've just got to make sure we cover these. This is the PVC," Solis said. "This is another form of pipes that all of us have on our spigots. And you've got to make sure you cover these, too. These are galvanized and tend to get real cold outside and will freeze up on you."

Using insulation strips are best because it can be a do-it-yourself project that will not take much time.

"They can get some old rags, and you can get a blanket, and then you can just put a trash bag and just tape it with duct tape, and that will definitely help out your pipes from getting frozen," Solis said.

One customer got the last water pipe heating cable in the store.

"You tape it to your pipe, and it keeps your pipes warm and comes on thermostatically. It senses freezing, and it will come on," Solis said.

Most stores in South Texas do not carry cold weather tools and preparations, but it happens at times.

"This one lady one time came in and she said our pipes busted on her because she didn't protect them, so you do have to try and protect them. That way you can prevent any maintenance on your house," Solis said.

If you have exposed piping the best solution is to wrap the pipes during the time we experience temperatures below freezing.

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