Robstown narcotics officer Isaac DeLeon hopped aboard a Union Pacific train Wednesday, but he and state troopers were not looking for drugs.

DeLeon along with DPS and railroad agents are on the lookout for those people who are speeding through railway crossings when they are being signaled to stop.

Railroad crossings in Robstown have a task force setup to try and catch people disobeying the law and going across the railroad track at those intersections where the crossing arms were clearly down.

Officers said they had very little trouble finding people who decided to drive right through the flashing signal lights. They said drivers aren't stopping when they need to stop, they should stop at crossings whether there's an arm or flashing lights.

Sometimes drivers make that mistake and it ends up costing them their lives. If a car goes over a soda can it's the same affect of A train hitting a vehicle is like a car running over a soda can.

One driver zoomed across the railroad tracks, officers talked with him and let him go with a warning.