A big part of a brand new water tower was raised several stories up Monday off Holly Road, near Everhart.

The project is a complex undertaking -- a 171 foot tall tower that will help imrpove the water quality for Corpus Christi residents -- and it's one of several planned to go up around the city.

"This is great progress we are seeing in our system, to go along with the great quality we have," said Gabriel Ramirez, assistant director of water utilities. "This is going to help us alot."

The tower is replacing the old and aging elevated storage tanks across the city that have reached the end of their service life. With it will come improved water quality and pressure.

"It's an effort to improve the reliability, quality of improvement to our water, and avoid the issues we've had in the past," District 5 Councilman Rudy Garza said. "The pressure from this elevated tank, provide higher pressure and avoid stagnant water issues we've had in the past."

The construction of the tower cost just over $6 million, paid through the Water Revenue bond. It's made of reinforced concrete and will be able to hold about 3 million gallions of water.

"This was a project that has been long in the making," Water Plant Manager Rafael Martinez said. "Very glad to have it come to fruition."

Raising the huge bowl that tops the tower was quite the challenge Monday. At first glance, you could hardly see it inching its way up, but with a time lapse camera you could get a better look at its movement as it slowly climbed at a rate of eight feet every two hours.

Work on a second tower located on Rand Morgan is already underway. Both are scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2018.

Two other towers are also planned -- one located along Nueces Bay Boulevard and another in Flour Bluff.