Stunning, new developments surrounding the political turmoil in the city of Alice. 3 News has learned that recall affidavits have been submitted this week against two more members of the Alice city council. The mayor, Jolene Vanover and council member, Pete Crisp. All this follows a previous recall effort, scheduled to go before voters in November. It involves two other council members.

"You know I call it the retaliation recall, " Mayor Vanover told our Bill Churchwell during an one on one interview. "I know I have done a fabulous job for my constituents and I continue to work through the storm. Every meeting is a hurricane we have to endure, but I move forward and continue, and so does Mr. Crisp. He and I are both doing what we are committed to do."

The drama playing out as two other council members, Yolanda Moran and Elida Garza are already facing a recall election.

Many of the council meetings have been heated since the new council took office with ongoing verbal altercations erupting which has left many residents asking if the council can get along.

Earlier this month, you will recall both the city manager and city attorney were let go, but council members could not give a reason as to why.

Mayor Vanover and councilman Crisp were against the firings.

"I'm a business woman. I know we don't agree with things. That's life, however this is something different. This is nothing I've ever experienced before. Such bitterness," said Vanover.

Councilman Pete Crisp sent us a statement which said quote, "every citizen has the right to question the actions of their elected officials, and I am okay with that fact. I will trust in the process and will continue to serve all of Alice and its citizens to the best of my ability."

The person who submitted the recall affidavits also happens to be a former candidate who ran for city council back in May and lost.

Those who are pushing the recall will now have 60 days to gather the necessary amount of signatures for it to go in front of voters.

Meantime, the recall for Moran and Garza has already been set for November 7th.