Marine experts confirmed Tuesday that red tide algae has been detected once again in Corpus Christi Bay.

Swantner Park is just one of many sites where positive test results were found, and while they haven't been any fish kills in the area, you can certainly feel the effects. Red tide can cause respiratory issues and result in coughing and wheezing.

In addition to Swantner Park, high concentrations of the algal bloom were found at Cole Park and off of Robert Drive. The positive tests came from water samples that were taken Monday.

"In the past we've seen the concentration of cells increase when it gets into Corpus Christi Bay," said Dr. Paul Zimba of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi's Department of Life Sciences. "This year it's been really substantial in terms of increase though, compared to previous years."

It was about a month ago when 3News reported the presence of red tide at the Padre Island National Seashore.

Experts said we could be stuck with red tide for a while because it usually does not go away until we get cooler weather.