Among the small towns hit hardest by Harvey was Refugio. The eye-wall of that Category 4 storm went right overhead, and with predictable results.

Devastation there is widespread, and on Monday there were many who returned home for the first time since the storm, all returning to severe damage.

Like the Wills family, who drove back into town on Monday to a destroyed home.

"We saw pictures, but it just doesn't compare to seeing it up close in real life," 14-year-old Zavien Wills said.

Wills was supposed to start his freshman year at Refugio High School Monday -- a proud football player for the state championship team. Instead, he and his younger siblings were sifting through debris.

And it was not just their home. His grandma's popular barber shop was also destroyed.

"She's been cutting hair for 50 years," Wills said.

It is now permanently closed.

"My grandma, that's how she makes her living, and it's just sad to see it like that," Wills said.

His Uncle Sonny's craftshop was in ruins, too.

"I don't know whether to rebuild or what," Sonny Wills said. "I don't know."

And his eight-year-old sister Sadie was fearful of where to go next.

"I was just very scared that we would have to move because I don't want to move," Sadie Wills said.

The Wills said they have been told they likely won't have power or water for two to three weeks, so they tearfully made the decision to drive back to San Antonio -- the closest place they could find a hotel with vacancy.