There's a group of folks in Refugio who want the children of today and tomorrow to understand what segregation was like.

Our Michael Gibson sat down with some of those people who attended the all-black school called Barefield.

Named after Professor A.T. Barefield, the old gym and other facilities still stand today here on the northeast side of Refugio. Wanda Dukes went to school here and now she's the mayor of Refugio.

She's hoping that the learning center can help tell the story of segregation here. Something Dukes thought was over once she was allowed to go to high school with the white students.

Everyone that met with 3 News is looking to write down stories like that and tell future generations exactly how it was in Refugio.

The former students feel that moving forward includes not forgetting where they came from and what they went through. Life lessons for everyone in Refugio to learn from