While most of us are still trying to work off all that turkey we ate on Thanksgiving, here at the Thanksgiving Catmas on the Beach Competition, it's celebrated to be fat, and certainly fluffy.

You've heard of dance moms, and pageant moms, but cat moms? They're just as dedicated.

"How much do you think you've spent on the cat?"

"I'd hate to estimate about 500 dollars just on cosmetics."

Frances Harshaw brought her Persian cat Manny down from Austin. He's currently ranked the 9th best kitten out of all breeds in the entire world, and with his jet setting schedule, it's no wonder why.

"They've gone to Germany, they've gone to Paris, they've gone to Amsterdam, they've gone to Canada, Mexico, and all over the United States," said Harshaw,

This regional competition features all sorts of breeds from the Ragdoll...to the Donskoi with absolutely no hair.

But history repeats itself. Last year the bengals from Houston gave us a warm welcome...and this year...just as friendly.

But the owners say some of the best parts of the competition are the unique awards. like this one.

"This is Charlie Chaplin and he won best mustache," said Elizabeth Schmidt from Corpus Christi.

The three day competition awards it's best kittens, adult cats, and household pets among "Best in Show," and while the owners just want some love...

"Give me a kiss?"

...nope no kiss. These cats are focused on the competition, finishing the day with a well deserved cat nap.

Briana Whitney 3 News.