The family of two-year-yold Ryan Morales, who died Sunday after finding a loaded gun and accidentally shooting himself, spoke out Tuesday.
The toddler's aunt, Daniella Morales, said it has been tough on the family.
"I don't know. It doesn't seem real at times, and then you wake up and it is real," Daniella said. "It's just minute by minute. Just have to keep, keep going each minute."
Daniella, the sister of Ryan's father, sat down with 3News to describe how the family is dealing with the loss of Ryan. She said the family has received a lot of support.
"There's always somebody there offering support, and everyone's been very helpful and understanding for the most part," Daniella said.
Daniella said she hopes the warning can save some other family from going through what her's has.
"Just be careful, and when you think you're being careful, be more careful," Daniella said. "And just double check everything and just think of every possibility."
Daniella said the family needs all the best wishes they can get.
"Just good thoughts help. Prayers. And I don't expect anyone to know what to say, but if you can, just say you're there," Daniella said. "That helps a lot."