Corpus Christi's Animal Care Services said more pets than usual got loose during Hurricane Harvey and many ran away -- so many that nearly 50 animals had to be transferred to the Houston Humane Society Friday morning.

Dozens of cats and dogs were brought in as strays and lost pets, some running away from home during Hurricane Harvey, many already stray to begin with; but in the days following the storm, Animal Care Services jumped into action.

They picked up a lot of animals, and many were returned to their owners; but with all the extra animals they were quickly at capacity.

So on Friday, 41 dogs and cats were sent three hours north to the Houston Humane Society.

Now Animal Care Services will have a little more room for any additional guests.

Officials at Animal Care Services said they did give owners an extended period to pick up their runaway pets, but if you think any of your pets were picked up, they said you should contact them right away to see if you can still be reunited with them in Houston.