Construction on the new Harbor Bridge is now in full swing, and the $800 million project is already having a major impact on some familiar landmarks on the City's northside.

Some of those landmarks have gone away, and some residents say they ought to be remembered.

Former resident Tina Butler recalled memories of T.C. Ayers, which was at one point a popular gathering place that drew crowds to its large basketball pavilion, baseball field and swimming pool.

"That was a meeting place. That was a place where we did programs; we did the cooking, you know, we did contests against each other. They had the baseball games," Butler said.

Now, the remnants of T.C. Ayers are being removed by the truckload.

"It used to be a little sprinkler in the front with the water, so that's where we could go if we couldn't swim. To go to the pool. You'd go to that little thing there which was right in front of T.C. Ayers," Butler said. "So you know, we had a lot of good times."

The facility is being removed to make way for the new Harbor Bridge. Other changes include Northside Manor, which is gone. Many residents in the area are also moving out of the neighborhoods.

Butler said she hopes people do not forget the history of Hillcrest and T.c. Ayers. She believes it's the least that could be done to remember an area that people lived in and grew up in.

"In other areas of town you might see a statue or the naming of a street or something," Butler said. "A park, you know. Something to show what was there."

A check with the City shows there could very well be plans shortly to develop the area and perhaps include something marking the history of Hillcrest.

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