The City of Corpus Christi is getting ready to launch a plan to improve local streets - particularly in neighborhoods.

The residential street rebuild program was approved by voters as part of a 20-16 bond.

But before they jump in, public works will begin work on Rogerson Drive and Rolstan Ave. as part of a pilot program.

The two streets were chosen to initiate the plan based on criteria including their pavement condition, proximity to schools, under ground utility work needed and overall cost to repair the street.

"We are going we are not doing anything out of the norm that we haven't done before it's just in preparation for the program," Public Works Public Information Officer Michelle Villarreal Leschper said.

Leschper said construction on Rolstan Ave. and Rogerson Drive will be a learning experience.

"What can we learn as far as timelines," Leschper said. "What did we learn from the timelines? Could we have done more to inform the neighbors?"

When detour signs go up, some driveways will be blocked off and restrictions will be put in place including no parking between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

"We are gonna try and keep everybody accessible to their homes at all times," Leschper said. "You know our number one priority is making sure people have access to their home."

Leschper said public works will always communicate with residents and update them during the process.

"We've had public meetings for these neighborhoods already," Leschper said. "So we've gotten to talk with these neighbors and with these residents so we kind of know what they expect."

Each street will take about four to six months to complete.

"But we are going to be doing one block at a time so that each block is going to take 2 to 3 months," Leschper said.

Construction on Ralston Ave. and Rogerson Drive will start around the same time.

Once they are done, more streets that meet criteria will be added to the Residential Street Rebuild Program.