Coastal Bend residents celebrated All Souls' Day Thursday by heading to their loved ones' graves to clean them up and remember their life.

Residents decorated the graves with flowers and other important items that remind them of the deceased.

All Souls' Day comes after Dia de los Muertos and focuses on praying for the deceased and paying tribute to them.

"To remember your loved ones, never to forget them, to bring -- to make them special on this one day," Coastal Bend resident Francis Barrera said.

Barrera took time Thursday to remember her late husband and father. She said All Souls' Day is something she learned about at a very young age and it is a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

"We've been doing it since my dad was around. Forever. For generations we've always come to bring flowers to the loved ones," Barrera said.

All Souls' Day comes from a Catholic tradition so mass is held near different cemeteries, and afterwards, priests visit graves with family and friends to bless the deceased.

"It is our belief that the soul is eternal and so when a person dies, they do not end. Their soul continues. So we pray for them that they can enter into the glories of Heaven," Father Patric Donohoe said.

Donohoe said the celebration of life includes more than prayer and decorating headstones.

All Soul's Day may be a somber day for some, but Barrera said she will pass down to her loved ones a unique part of her Hispanic culture.

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