A stretch of Wooldridge Road is causing trouble for the people who live along it. Just Saturday morning, a driver speeding through the area went off the road taking out palm trees and a fire hydrant with it. Residents say this is the second accident this month.

Homeowner Catherine Albert says she is fed up with people driving carelessly through the area. "In the last year we've had five major accidents, I'm sick of it I did not move into the Indianapolis 500."

Albert says people speed through this stretch of road and often hit the curb causing downed trees, mailboxes and fire hydrants.

Residents are concerned not only for their safety but worried that the next incident could be fatal. Albert and her neighbors have reached out to city officials who responded by putting in reflectors and speed monitors.

Neighbors say the reflectors help at night but not for someone who is not paying attention, like a drunk driver. For now, residents are asking drivers to just slow down and pay attention for their safety and others.