Talks are underway about the future of this city's downtown area, and on Monday dozens of Corpus Christi residents attended a meeting at City Hall to hear details on the Downtown Development Plan.

The plan was 95-percent complete back in 2014 when the City's master plan was being considered by City leaders. The plan is a multi-faceted approach to making the entire downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods open to new development of business space, entertainment and housing.

With artist renditions of what parts of downtown could look like, members of the City Planning Department tried to outline some of the ideas that could make such development a reality in the near future.

"The plan addresses our opportunity to be a 21st century waterfront city, and how we connect the districts in the downtown area development plan all the way from North Beach, SEA District, Marina Arts District, Sea Shore neighborhood into the uptown and northside neighborhoods," Sr. City Planner Keren Costanzo said.

The plan addresses parking, new housing -- both apartments and single-family homes -- business space, new business, and connecting neighborhoods for total pedestrian access into the downtown area after the new Harbor Bridge is built.

Monday's meeting was just the first open house planned for citizens to provide input. To see the Downtown Development Plan yourself, click here.